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We had to choose one aspect of the group as they crossed the decades and styles.

We wanted to go further than the rock and roll side and leather. As every year, we want to ensure that our program is coherent between technical elements, choreography, story and characters so we had a big job of reflection before even starting to work on ice.

He helped sharpen up their skills and improve training habits until last year when they were forced to leave as the Russian Federation demanded its coaches only work with Russian competitors.

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In order to remain in top form and one of the most elite teams in the world, the dance couple trains hard and ironically enough, right beside some of their toughest competitors. 3 hours a day on ice and then workout, dance and choreography sometimes.The French ice dance duo of Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat have spent the past few seasons doing whatever it takes to continue a steady climb to the top of the pack.