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07-Aug-2017 22:10

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Don’t take it personally if all they want to talk about is work.It doesn’t mean that they don’t find you or what you do for a living interesting.Presentation matters, but it’s the little things that mean a lot.It doesn’t take much to please a Virgo, but it has to be well-thought out and carefully planned.Virgos are very particular, which means they can also be critical.If you want to win at dating a Virgo, you should let them choose the kind of date they want, and where they want to go.Virgos are quite picky, so before you plan your date, make sure to ask them a lot of questions.Ask them what they enjoy doing, what type of food they like, and whether they like dressing up or wearing nice but comfy clothes.

Should you succeed in making the date plans yourself, be prepared for a barrage of questions about what they should wear, how long before you can get there, and whether they should bring a jacket or a comfy pair of shoes.Put effort on how you look, but make sure that it’s your style and it’s what you’re comfortable with.Always put your best foot forward, but don’t create a fake persona just to impress!When they start talking about work, you will notice that they talk about it with passion and enthusiasm.

You can expect this same kind of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to other aspects of their lives.

Like the rest of us, they also have their weaknesses.