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Seniors must accept whatever those running Medicare decide regarding their treatment options.

Certainly, there are many who would have no health coverage without Medicare, and millions have benefited from the program.

Copyright Ron Panzer 2011-2013 HTML/web version Published by Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc. XIII - A Purpose In My Life and Yours True Reform that Protects Citizens Reforming Government: Rebuilding America Hospice Life Association: Respecting Life at the End-of-Life Pro-life Healthcare Alliance: Renewing Reverence for Life Acknowledgements About the Author What Others Have to Say Fair Use Notice There are numerous books about the history of euthanasia and eugenics proposals in our society. It offers a rare glimpse from my experience within the end-of-life industry, my work as a patient advocate, and includes the revelations of hundreds and hundreds of people as they have recounted it to me.

Shank Street, NE Rockford, MI 49341 For more information: Tel. This book explains how we got where we are today and provides statements by many of our nation's leaders in health care, government and patient advocacy, that taken altogether form the pieces of the puzzle that reveal what has been hidden from the American public for decades: stealth euthanasia is being practiced throughout the United States and elsewhere.

The new health care reform law creates several methods that are likely to result in rationed care.

For example, the "Independent Payment Advisory Board" ("IPAB") is supposedly not allowed to make recommendations that directly result in rationing care, but it can exert overwhelming pressure on providers by reducing how much they get paid to provide a service.

The generous benefits of Medicare over the past are going to be phased out selectively to streamline the program and make it more "efficient." The idea that the future Medicare will be like what we've had till now is quite mistaken and those that trust in the promises being made by either party need to wake up to the realities.

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There are no formal "death panels," but there are bureaucrats in government, HMOs, and private health insurance companies whose decisions knowingly result in denied tests, denied treatments and certain death in many cases. However, when the federal government becomes the big HMO itself, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death sentences for some, even many.One political party will accuse the other of threatening the well-being of senior citizens and vice-versa.

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