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19-Aug-2017 03:30

The fight between Sammi, Ronnie, and Mike seems to have settled down - but it erupts again when Sammi overhears Mike talking to Ronnie about it, saying he thinks it is suspicious.

However, Sammi has been lying and Arvin himself tells Ronnie that he and Sammi had hooked up.

The season three closer finds Sammi and Ronnie's relationship finally at the end of it's long and terrible run.

As the guys reunite in Italy, after seeing Ronnie, she realizes how hot he is.

The letter also ends the relationship between Ronnie and Sammi - but not for long.

J-Coww, Mooki, and Sammi reconnect after their relationship went off the deep end because of the letter.

Ronnie begins going behind Sammi's back, nightly, and sleeping with other girls, coming back home and sleeping with her.

Sammi is written an "anyonymous letter" from J-Coww, and Mooki, erupting into a cat-fight between her and J-Coww.

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Case in point, there have been rumors recently that Sammi and Ronnie are back together. But before we get to streaming, what prompted these rumors? Sammi celebrated her 29th birthday recently and did not do so solo.However, they soon get back together and another fight escalates soon after, erupting into a heated fight which involves Sammi's belongings being ruined, thrown out onto the porch, and an almost-violent encounter between the two. Sammi soon returns, giving Ronnie the cold shoulder.