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01-Jul-2017 21:38

..CHRIS MEARS: I'd done so many interviews that I hadn't had a chance to think about what it really meant.

After getting back from Rio, I did press and media for 48 hours then flew straight out to LA. These are arguably the best two teams left and I’m hoping this is the defining match of the tournament.

First, emulating a water-loving dog shaking all over.

Next, drumming on my chest like a gorilla ..Paul Connolly's world collapsed when his mother died last Christmas.

..JEFF POWELL: 'If you want loyalty, get a dog.' So the 33rd US President Harry S Truman famously said. Although according to many political historians that is not quite accurate.

..The relationship crumbled during the past year as the Prime Minister tired of Justine Greening's tone of voice in Cabinet meetings, described by one observer as often 'patronising' and supercilious'.

..Nursery bosses believe it will be good for children to meet people who 'defy rigid gender restrictions' but I would humbly suggest they should be learning to add up and spell words correctly.

..MIKE DICKSON: Andy Murray knew things had changed a week ago when he walked out on Centre Court to the kind of pop star reception not witnessed since the exceptional days of the London 2012 tennis event.

When he boxed Carl Froch last year, I thought he had no chance but he shocked everybody. Today's it's the England cricket team's turn - AGAIN - to be handed the dubious honour... Asked to buy into a new-look club by owner Randy Lerner, the Scot set about his task with zeal.

..Your striker fluffs a sitter, your defender shanks a clearance, your winger misses a try or your hot tip falls at the first fence.... ..It is almost 18 months now since Paul Lambert swept into Villa Park with a vision of a very different future. ..There are only a few days to go before we take on Australia at the Millennium Stadium.

I’m incredibly excited by the prospect of walking out in front of a big crowd and singing the national anthem.

..I know exactly how those Aston Villa boys will be feeling as they line up in the tunnel before tonight’s game. it might have been almost two decades ago, but the situation I faced in 1994 was uncannily similar.

..OLIVER HOLT: The first Wimbledon men’s singles final I remember is Stan Smith versus Ilie Nastase in 1972. It’s 70 minutes long, it deals with memory loss, it includes songs called Empiricist and Chiaroscuro, and it’s made by an indie band from Portland, Oregon.